• Fabrication - Carbon Steel

      Qualified & Experienced Engineers

      Our efficient team of tradesmen do all the work for you to ensure that any project will go from idea to completion.

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    • Fabrication - Stainless Steel

      Looking for Stainless Steel Experts?

      We will work directly with you and anticipate all your engineering requirements.

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    • Design to Build

      Build Facilities From the Ground Up

      Every client faces their own unique challenges, and PIC can develop effective solutions to any problem you may face.

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    • Asset & Investment Recovery

      No Job Too big or Too Small

      PIC has the resources and expertise to tear down and even relocate entire facilities.

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  • Fabrication Services

    Fabrication Collage.

    At Precision Industrial Contractors, Inc., we have our own metal fabrication facility at our corporate headquarters.

    We also do field fabrication, modification and fit-up from system to system and integrate new equipment into existing lines.

    We engineer and fabricate trusses, beams, columns, posts, conveyor sections, bins, hoppers, chutes, platforms, ladders, stairs, motor bases, and most anything else needed on a project.

    PIC can do fabrication with all materials such as stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum, cast steel, brass and copper. We can also have the material painted, powder coated or plated and delivered to the work site.

    Contact us with any specific questions regarding your project.

    Loading an in-house fabrication project to to be shipped to our customer which had  been galvanized.