• Precision Industrial Contractors, Inc. offers investment recovery services in all industries.

    If you are downsizing your operation or closing the entire plant, PIC can help you safely and economically recover your past investment in the assets of the business. Careful decommissioning, dismantling, packaging, crating and shipping of the machinery, stock and other reclaimed assets will assure your best monetary recovery.

    Here you can see a little of the action during an asset recovery project:

    Match Marking

    Prior to dismantling, each part and component of all machinery and peripheral equipment is match-marked and a written and photographic record is documented to facilitate ease of re-erection. When the equipment is loaded into containers or onto trucks or rail cars, a manifest is created noting the container or trailer number and all the match marks and components within.  If the installation is to be done by other than PIC, the manifest is then delivered to the customer representative on site.

    Here are some of the vital Match Marking steps:

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