• Pulp & Paper - Squamish BC

    Precision Industrial Contractors, Inc. undertakes a complete dismantling and shipping of a pulp mill in Squamish, British Columbia, Canada. It was completed in record time by (PIC).

    With a highly demanding set of logistics, wherein the location of the mill is on an island, and there are no roads to the mainland, all equipment such as cranes, forklifts, trucks and trailers, used to perform the work, had to be barged in. Also, all the machinery and components had to be loaded and barged out to Vancouver, BC. The scope of the project included de-commissioning, dismantling, rigging, crating, packing and loading the entire mill for shipment to China and elsewhere.

    Prior to dismantling, each part and component of all machinery and peripheral equipment is match-marked and a written and photographic record is documented to facilitate ease of re-erection. When the equipment is loaded into containers or onto trucks or rail cars, a manifest is created noting the container or trailer number and all the match marks and components within. If the installation is to be done by other than PIC, the manifest is then delivered to the customer representative on site.

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