• Machinery Moving - Niles Relocation Project

    PIC moves all types of manufacturing machine tools, whether it be a small lathe, or a knee mill across the aisle way or large combination planer mill/horizontal boring mill across the country.

    We can dismantle, relocate, reinstall, level and align any size machine or system, including pits, foundations, utility chases, gutters, demising walls, stairways, mezzanines or other requirements.

    In the following pictures you can see the complete dismantle and relocation  of a very large planer mill which has been combined with a horizontal boring mill.  This requires added complexity in the leveling and alignment process due to the fact that there are two machines which have to be leveled and aligned separately and aligned with each other.  Then you will see the relocation of smaller machine tools.

    Even though the machines are smaller, the same careful handling and leveling/alignment processes are required.