March 2013 Newsletter

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Keep up the good work.


As we restart the tradition of a company newsletter here at PIC I would like to thank everyone for their hard work on this copy, without you it would not have happened.


As the new year progresses I am pleased to see the big steps we have taken in growing our safety performance. Big thanks to our Safety Department, and to all of our employees, supervisors, and managers, without you we can not make this happen.


I wish everyone a safe and prosperous year.


Eric Simensen

Operations Director

Precision Industrial Contractors

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Completed Projects

New Facility

New Hires & Employee News


Current Projects


Blue Heron

 Oregon City, OR 

Blue 6    


Blue Heron Paper Mill Removal


    After 16 months at the Blue Heron Paper Mill in Oregon City, OR, the removal of the plant is nearing completion. A crew ranging in size from 10 people in the beginning to 45 at its peak. This has been by far the most difficult time consuming and dangerous project ever undertaken in PIC history.

    The paper mill structures were constructed in the early teens and twenties and had very little or no bridge cranes inside the paper machine areas.

     As you can imagine these areas being very small and tight always wet and no electricity other than what we bring to the job from gang box locations throughout the site. The pipe tunnels ran under the plant rather than above ground. We estimated 30% of the mills mechanical piping and power was under ground.


 Blue Heron Safety 



   I am very proud of the work thus far  and my hat is off to the crew members that stayed throughout the entire project.  16 million pounds of materials have been removed at this time; that’s a lot of product in anyone’s book.


Rex Allen, Project Manager




 Woodland, WA

Portco Foundation   

Portco Packaging  Relocation Project

  Project Description; Portco Packaging purchased an existing manufactured home factory in Woodland WA to move and expand their entire operation from Vancouver WA. Portco approached PIC for assistance early on in the project, even before the purchase was finalized. PIC worked alongside Portco to develop preliminary scopes of work and budgets. Once the purchase was finalized, PIC developed plans and drawings to assist the design professionals in completing permit drawings in a fast track manner. PIC is providing all of the demolition, concrete work, structural steel work, piping and painting to complete the facility.



   Demolition consisted of the removal of all existing overhead cranes, ducts, pipes and over 25K sq ft of concrete slabs. Concrete work consisted of the design in installation of a new raised interior loading dock with 3 dock doors, levelers and forklift ramp. PIC also installed over 25K sq. ft of new 6" thick steel reinforced slabs for the main production area equipment as well as the new press equipment foundation. 

   Structural steel work consisted of the modifications to the exterior walls to relocate the dock doors at the new loading dock location. Piping included the modifications, additions and testing for the existing air and domestic water systems. Painting work included coverage for all color coded overhead piping, roof structure, walls and columns and all the dusting, cleaning and preparation work involved with that activity. Currently PIC is working in partnership with Portco staff to relocate and set up all the production equipment. Project completion is scheduled for April 2013.   




  Mac McElvenly, Project Manager


Our Greeley, Colorado Facility



Greeley Crew   

PIC Colorado Division

   Located in Greeley, Colorado, PIC has maintained a fabrication and installation facility for the past 14 months. The 12,000 square feet fab shop has fabricated decks, platforms and process piping projects for Leprino Foods. Facilities include state of the art orbital welding systems as well as hydraulic pipe bending equipment capable of bending 3" tube.



   The Colorado crew under the supervision of Operations Manager – J.R.Talley, General Superintendent – Juan Verdugo and Project Engineer – Chris "Cabbage" Carbonari has been responsible for the installation of over 10 thousand feet of stainless tube as well as numerous decks and platforms. Leprino Foods has expressed their desire to have PIC continue projects in Greeley as well as Fort Morgan Colorado. Recent projects included a 2 day shutdown for a Whey Cooling Tower replacement.  

   The Colorado division recently held a crew BBQ with numerous Leprino employees attending.



Juan and Jake Verdugo smoked baby back ribs, smoked salmon and prepared homemade macaroni salad. J.R. cooked world famous baked beans and "scratch" rum cake. Fun was had by all.  


Colorado BBQ   

   If you are ever in the fun capital of the world "Greeley, Colorado" come see us. 


JR Talley, Operations Manager


New Hires


Scott Wallace

S Wallace  


Project Manager


– Scott brings 18 years of experience in Corrugated Maintenance Projects & Management to PIC. He’s married with three children and three grandchildren with another one on the way due to arrive in May.  

Jared Fullmer  

Jared Fullmer   


Director of Food Processing


– Jared lives in Fresno, CA and will be opening a new facility there for PIC. He has worked in the food processing industry for the past five years. He spends his free time with wife Lacy and their with three children. 

Randy Clark

Randy Clark 

Project Manager


– Randy has been working in the Power Generation trade for 23 years.  For the past several years in power piping and welding engineering.  He has a strong background in Quality Assurance and Welding inspections. Married for 23 years and has two sons, his oldest is a Washington State Trooper. 



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